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Client Testimonials

"As you know, we were considering not only your firm but several larger, national investment banks to serve as advisor to SPS as we went to market to explore strategic options and raise capital ... But you and your team offered an understanding of our business, our industry, the relevant investment community and insight that helped us consider different options before us."

- John Poole, President and CEO


"It was a pleasure working with the team at Martin Wolf Securities, LLC. Throughout our six month journey, your team worked tirelessly to find the best possible outcome for the employees and stockholders of BenefitsXML, Inc. ... Your firm's knowledge of the mergers and acquisition process was much appreciated as we negotiated our way to a very successful outcome for both parties."

- David Donahue, President


"A short note to thank you and your team for the direction, advice and assistance in driving Tectura to a successful closing of the sale of its Americas business to UXC Eclipse two weeks ago ... Your entire team demonstrated the utmost of professionalism, thoughtfulness and creativity in your work."

- Duane Bell, CEO


"We have now worked together over four deals and all of them have been successful for us, for which we sincerely appreciate your support and efforts. I now look forward for our partnership to grow and will be happy to work with you again as and when the opportunity arises."

- K.K. Singh, Founder, Chairman & CEO


"Your team delivered, as promised, to help make the deal happen. The real value of your team was exhibited as we navigated the rough waters of due diligence -- so much information needed in so little time. We could not have made it to the finish line without your assistance. I'm sure our paths will cross again."

- Gary Hart, President


"Our advisors at martinwolf gave us great advice and then helped us develop a strategy and execute on it. They told us that the best buyer for our company was the one that could do the most with it to create value for our customers and shareholders in the future. That perspective made the decision a lot easier."

- Andrew Levi,  CEO and Founder


"I want to thank you, both personally and on behalf of Insight, for the work you and your team have done for us over the past eighteen months. Insight has been transformed, and that may not have been possible without your assistance."

- Stan Laybourne, Chief Financial Officer


"Through your efforts and hard work, Direct Alliance and its employees are better positioned to realize their full potential, now that we are aligned with a parent company that is in our industry and to whom we are strategic to."

- Jim Kebert, President


"... when we [a Fortune 100 company] hired MWS, we too were faced with the safe and obvious choice, our existing bankers or a young, aggressive entrepreneurial firm."

"We are used to using top tier investment banks. In selling our network integration services division, we certainly could have used our regular bankers, but chose MWS based on their commitment and expertise in the field. MWS delivered, and we were rewarded with a quick sale at a very full price, to a bonafide buyer, previously unknown to us."

"I recommended MWS previously to potential clients and they also came away satisfied."

- William P. Killian, SVP Corporate Development & Strategy


"... your team performed an exceptional feat. We asked you to assist us to find a professional services company with strong Unix skills and revenue in a fairly narrow range. We imposed additional criteria and we asked that you identify candidates in a very short period of time."

"Despite the challenges and the pressure, your team immediately turned to our project and began identifying prospects within just days. You pursued the initial investigation with amazing rapidity and gathered incredibly detailed information in less than a month. Your efforts made our participation significantly easier."

"It should be clear by this point that I highly recommend your firm and look forward to future opportunities to work with you."

- Howard A. Jacobson, Senior Vice President, Corporate Development


"I would like to thank MWS for its knowledge and dedication in providing buy side services in our search for high quality IT consulting and staffing organizations. Our buy side requirements were very specific and your firm consistently provided qualified prospects that met or exceeded our needs."

"From the outset your firm exhibited the insight and discipline we were looking for in carrying out our acquisition strategy. Your team’s efforts enabled us to review hundreds of consulting companies in a confidential and expeditious manner. The commitment and sense of urgency exhibited by MWS made for a successful engagement."

"We highly recommend your services."

- J. Jeffrey Fox, Senior VP of Finance/CFO - OAO Technology Solutions (now Pomeroy)


"I had interviewed many investment banks as well as other direct competitors. Your firm’s knowledge of the industry and your detailed process to ensure closing, were what convinced me you were the right company.

"The MWS marketing process uncovered a number of buyers, many of whom were not apparent at the onset of the engagement. Having alternative offers, as you pointed out from the beginning, provided me with assurance that the transaction would be maximized."

"In selecting a firm we had a number of alternatives, including many nationally recognized investment bankers. MWS demonstrated during the engagement that we made the right choice, you delivered on your promises in a professional and engaging manner."

"I would not hesitate to recommend or utilize your firm's services in the future."

- Russell Madris, President & CEO


"MWS developed and helped us sort through a comprehensive list of potential buyers. Then they were very proactive in pushing the deal along when the buyers dragged their feet. MWS provided excellent advice and assistance every step of the way. They provided service well beyond my expectations..."

"I certainly will recommend using [your] services on future deals."

- James F. Walker, Sr. VP and CFO


"I wish to express our deepest appreciation for your expertise and hard work in marketing and ultimately selling Puget Sound Systems Group. Your keen understanding of the process was evident at many occasions. I am convinced the talents of MWS brought PSSG the highest possible valuation."

- Hans Stoker, President


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