MW IT Index®


martinwolf publishes three proprietary indices (U.S., China and India Editions) that are used by IT sector businesses, international media, and the professionals at the firm to analyze the state of the industry. The MW IT Index remains the only index of its kind in the IT Services industry.

All editions are tracked on a five-year historical basis beginning with a value of 1000. 

MW IT Index® Global Edition

ThMW IT Index® (Global Edition) is a report of our proprietary analysis using securities that are weighted according to the market value of their outstanding shares through the fourth quarter of 2014. The global edition of our Index combines our U.S., India and China editions, tracking companies and comparing them to public stock exchanges in each of these geographies.

Topline Analysis

This year we saw exceptional volatility, fueled by multiple global economic headwinds. This volatility was especially present in the SaaS index, where valuations reached an all-time peak early in the year before quickly falling and struggling to achieve its earlier highs. In the Supply Chain industry, we saw evidence of a rebounding PC industry, with major players improving both their products and the ancillary services that they sell along with them. And in the Software space, we're seeing increasing evidence that the ongoing embrace of cloud software and services has a potentially transformative power on valuations.

On the global stage, the story of Indian and Chinese IT companies is still largely one of potential in terms of actual impact-but both geographies  have laid the foundation for a significant 2015.

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Description and Formula

The MW IT Index® is a market-value-weighted index. The representation of each security in the index is proportional to its last sales price times the total number of shares outstanding, relative to the total market value of the respective index.

Adjustments for securities being added to or deleted from the index, or capitalization changes, are made periodically. Stock splits and stock dividends are likewise adjusted for during the process. In the case of cash dividends, no adjustment is made.