Our Process

Our process has been refined over the last 17 years to ensure once we start, you finish.

Deep Industry Knowledge

We achieve our consistent and outstanding results primarily through strong institutional knowledge and focused attention. Every engagement is managed by a project leader with decades of experience in the IT and M&A space and supported by a core team throughout the length of the project. We do banking our way—our team is composed primarily of former owner-operators who bring their own experience to each engagement and have learned our distinctive style of M&A that is directly tailored to the space.

Customized Work Plan

Once you decide to invest the resources involved in pursuing an M&A transaction, we understand it's critical that you succeed. As such, the martinwolf team manages each process using a highly-detailed work plan that is customized to your needs from start to finish. Known as our Customized Work Plan (CWP), this process map ensures consistent communication among all parties during every phase of the transaction and minimal disruption to your day-to-day business operations. Further, this controlled process enables us to slow down hasty decision-making and speed up hesitant buyers or sellers, thereby maximizing our client’s leverage.

  • Increases likelihood of closing a favorable transaction;
  • Maximizes negotiating leverage;
  • Maintains confidentiality;
  • Ensures consistent communication;
  • Surfaces unforeseen opportunities; and
  • Enables transactions to finish in an aggressive time frame


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