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At martinwolf, we work as a trusted advisor to deliver the very best M&A advisory services. Our vast experience includes a variety of transactions and our services reflect the following:


We offer best of breed advisory services to mid-market IT companies looking to complete a sell-side transaction or investment. Our firm has a successful record with public and private companies, seeking complete sale, majority investments, minority investments or divestitures. To maximize our chance of success we leverage both our proven process and deep-rooted industry relationships to find you the ideal prospect for your desired transaction. In our twenty years of experience we've represented companies in nineteen countries, and sold seven divisions of Fortune 500 companies.



We provide thorough analytical and transactional support to help our clients acquire the right company, on schedule for the right price. We specialize in finding targets who are not for sale, putting you at an immediate advantage, and have been able to minimize disruption by identifying targets and assessing their fit to the acquisition criteria. The firm has represented a diverse group of the world's leading technology companies, and we enjoy key relationships with leading private equity and industry players.

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