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Valuation & Deal Insights

The martinwolf Valuation and Deal Insights report is a quarterly newsletter that tracks M&A activities in the following industries: IT, IT-Enabled Outsourced Services, IT Supply Chain Services, and SaaS.

Q1 2018 Edition

2018 has been a remarkable year for the M&A market. Global M&A deals totaled $1.2 trillion in value for the first quarter, a record high that has set the stage for a competitive deal market across all industries. As our team has correctly predicted, the effects of US tax reform and a swelling cash pile have already begun to manifest into a more robust and aggressive deal space. US M&A activity continues to dominate, with domestic deals representing 44.2 percent of the total global share and M&A volumes shooting up 67 percent for the first quarter. The European M&A market has experienced a resurgence, with its M&A volumes doubling from the same period last year. Meanwhile, the Asian M&A market has seen an 11 percent increase in volume, with China’s appetite for deals contributing the most. Chinese firms spent $68.7 billion this quarter, the highest first quarter on record. 

In the latest issue of VDI, President Marty Wolf explores the significance of robust M&A activity and blockbuster takeovers for the industry as a whole. To help understand today's most prominent transactional considerations, martinwolf has invited Dan Galante, Managing Director and Global Leader of Transaction Advisory at Berkeley Research Group, to share his unique perspective. With over 25 years of transaction experience, Dan has been involved with more than 700 buy- or sell-side transactions for over 60 different private equity investors, hedge funds, lenders, and strategic corporate acquirers around the globe. 

In addition to Marty's and Dan's columns, expect an overview of historical M&A by industry and geography, financial metrics by sector and an curated selection of the most significant transactions across the various sectors we track. 

Click here to view the latest edition of martinwolf VDI. Below are previous issues of martinwolf VDI.

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