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Valuation & Deal Insights

The martinwolf Valuation and Deal Insights report is a quarterly newsletter that tracks M&A activities in the following industries: IT, IT-Enabled Outsourced Services, IT Supply Chain Services, and SaaS.

Q4 2017 Edition

We are in a dramatically different world than we were in just one year ago. From perspectives political, economical and technological, change abounds. And, as always, this change brings with it the potential for tremendous growth and profit.

In the latest issue of martinwolf VDI, President Marty Wolf uses the holidays as an opportunity to take a close look at the sources of and challenges to this growth potential, from looming tax reform to ever-present market disruption. He also explores what some of this year's biggest changes will mean as we look ahead for what to expect in 2018.

To help understand today's most prominent transactional considerations, martinwolf has invited Antony Walsh to share his unique perspective. Antony, a Partner at global top 40 law practice Eversheds Sutherland, goes into detail about the legal aspects inherent in M&A procedures -- and some of the common challenges and complications that can threaten any deal.

In addition to Marty's and Antony's columns, expect an overview of historical M&A by industry and geography, financial metrics by sector and an updated list of the ten largest disclosed transactions so far this year across the various sectors we track. 

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