Our Process

Our Process

Navigate your transaction
with confidence.

Our Team Works Closely With You Throughout the Process.

The most important step in our process is to develop a Customized Work Plan (CWP) designed to manage every step of your transaction. Every client’s requirements differ. We’re experienced and prepared in all arenas – whether you’re an MSP looking for a full exit, a small software company looking for a private equity partner, a Fortune 500 looking for a carve out for a non-core asset, or a buyer looking for a platform asset or bolt-on.


We manage you through the CWP.

Target Analysis:

Identifying and engaging the right buyer or seller for your transaction with our global relationships and vast database.

Develop Materials:

Creating in-depth customized marketing material for each phase of the process.

Lead Meetings:

Coordinating, preparing, and managing all management meetings between buyer and seller to build symbiotic relationships between potential partners.

Due Diligence:

Quarterbacking due diligence with all members’ lawyers, accountants, and consultants, and creating reliable dossiers on each potential transaction partner.


From negotiating NDAs to IOIs to LOIs, we deploy proven strategies combined with artful negotiation that enables our clients to close with confidence.


We’re not finished until all the technical details are taken care of, the purchase agreement is executed, and the proceeds are exchanged between buyer and seller.

Buy side.

Our buy-side engagement team excels in securing the appropriate fit for your business. We leverage our database, relationships, and demonstrated process to identify unique opportunities. With a thorough understanding of the industry and its business rhythms, we uncover, cultivate, and engage assets not currently for sale.

Our carefully targeted approach and seasoned professionalism minimizes disruption to company operations, and you only talk to the best opportunities and targeted assets at the right time. We skillfully set you up for success, positioning you in a way that facilitates your optimal outcome.

Sell side.

We actively track over 100 IT companies in our space to maintain up-to-date understanding of valuation and activity. At any given time, we hold a database of 50k+ prospective buyers and investors. On the sell-side of M&A transactions, we assist with all of the following:

  • Complete sale
  • Majority investments
  • Divestitures