Graeme Watt

Graeme Watt

The latest issue of Executive Perspective features Graeme Watt, CEO of Softcat, a UK-based IT reseller and FTSE 250 listed company. Watt joined Softcat as CEO last year after previous CEO Martin Hellawell moved to chairman of Softcat. Under Watt’s leadership, Softcat has achieved impressive growth. In this interview, Watt discusses the unconventional career path that led him to the IT industry, his 30-year background in IT distribution and the transition from a distributor to a reseller-based IT business. He touches on how Brexit may impact Softcat and the industry as a whole, along with what he believes are the biggest trends in the IT space right now. Watt dives into the importance of culture, why culture is Softcat’s biggest differentiator in a crowded market, and how this has led to and will continue to lead Softcat’s explosive growth. Watt also discusses why he thinks record M&A activity in the IT industry will continue and how it can contribute to companies’ growth. He closes the interview by discussing why it’s important to always understand the “why” — and how doing this stimulates innovation.

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17 Mar 2020

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